EBAYC organizes families across race, culture, and language to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. We help families build relationships with each other through leadership training, research and advocacy activities, and public actions.

EBAYC has been engaged in an on-going effort to eradicate street-level prostitution along International Boulevard through visibility actions, demand-reduction campaigns, and hot-spot policing. Our collective efforts were instrumental in closing a local motel where prostitution activity was prevalent.

EBAYC is a founding member of the Oak-to-Ninth Community Benefits Coalition. We successfully established a partnership with Oakland Harbor Partners and the City of Oakland to build 465 affordable family housing units and to create new construction apprenticeship opportunities for over 300 residents.

EBAYC is the co-founder of the Kids First! Initiative, Oakland’s pioneering ballot measure that dedicates 3% of the city’s unrestricted revenues for children services. Today, Kids First! serves nearly 2,000 children daily through early childhood education, after-school and summer programs, and health and wellness services.