IMG_0976Every child deserves a safe, well resourced learning environment. Community schools are critical to student success as they build strategic partnerships to bring in “outside” resources to provide wrap-around services in support of students’ academic achievement as well as their physical and emotional health.

EBAYC is the co-founder and Lead Agency for Shop 55 – Oakland High School Wellness Center. Shop 55 provides medical, mental health, and case management services, as well as a diverse array of learning opportunities, including internships, SAT and California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE) preparation, college financial aid enrollment, and academic support. Over 300 students at Oakland High School utilize the services provided by Shop 55 daily.

Shop 55’s “safe haven” environment is built from the trusting relationships established between students and our staff. Our case managers are trained to provide culturally sensitive and individualized services to meet each youth’s needs.

kiara_6_rsz“Prior to working with my case manager I had a lot of anger issues. My case manager gives me useful tools to process my anger in healthier ways. Today, I respond differently to adversity and anger because of the unconditional support [I receive] from my case manager and Shop 55.” –  Kiara Breed, Oakland High School student



AmyFor freshman Amy Vuong, Shop 55 has helped her to develop practical skills. “I now know how to write a cover letter and resume. My internship placement at my old after-school program at Franklin Elementary School has helped me to think about what I want to do in the future. Shop 55 helps me to be more competitive for college admission and be prepared for it by giving me opportunities that I didn’t have before.”

As students benefit from the services and guidance received from our staff, they also develop as leaders.  Kiara shared, “I want to go to a junior college right after I graduate from OHS and be a firefighter or EMT so I can help people. After that, I want to go to a university and study psychology so I continue to help people.” As for Amy, her internship as an Academic Mentor has affirmed her passion to work with young children. “I want to go to either UC Berkeley or UCLA and major in microbiology. Then, I will go to medical school so that I can be a pediatrician and work with [disadvantaged] people who need help,” said Amy. We are truly inspired by Kiara’s and Amy’s passions to pursue a career in public service.


  • 89% parents reported they know more about what goes on in the school day because of their child’s participation
  • 89% youth reported their participation in our programs help them to say “no” to things they know are wrong
  • 84% youth reported they learn how to be healthy
  • 91% parents report because of our after-school program, they are made aware of services in the school or community that are available to their child
  • 95% youth reported there is an adult in the program that cares about them