Yes on Measure Y

All of Oakland's Children Deserve to Learn in Healthy and Safe Schools

Oakland’s public schools serve nearly 50,000 students.  Yet, many students learn in schools that are plagued by health and safety concerns such as mold, rodent and insect infestations, water leaks and more, and are in need critical earthquake seismic retrofitting.

Measure Y will provide needed updates to 20 local schools that are long overdue for critical safety updates.

Among the schools included in the measure are Garfield Elementary School and Roosevelt Middle School, two of EBAYC’s longstanding partners.

Join EBAYC, educators, and parents in voting  YES on Measure Y!

Click here to get registered to vote and learn more about the November 3, 2020 election.

Our schools are riddled with mold, mushrooms, pests, water leaks, and so much more. Our buildings are not retrofitted and safe. This is a step in the right direction.”

-Garfield Elementary School parent

“Roosevelt faces an persistent infestation of rodents and roaches. It is not uncommon to see these pests in classrooms while students are learning. The Roosevelt community is incredibly resilient, but these issues present significant challenges for teaching and learning.” 

-Roosevelt Middle School parent

“Each time it rains, the school roof leaks and huge puddles of water form in classrooms and hallways.  We have mold and fungus growing in the walls of classrooms.  Roosevelt serves a large population of students with special needs, who are newcomers, and who represent the beautiful diversity of Oakland.  Our schools have been promised repairs for many years — the time is now.”

-Roosevelt Middle School teacher