Expanding Our Commitment to Underserved Youth

EBAYC was given the opportunity to expand our organization regionally, thanks to the generous support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the California Reducing Disparity Project from the Department of Public Health. Our expansion into the Central Valley region was fueled by our organizational commitment to serve young people who live in high-need neighborhoods with a significant population of Asian families. With our expansion into Sacramento, our goal is to bring a true replication of our comprehensive youth services to the area. 

EBAYC’s family and student counseling partnerships with Grant Union High School, Luther Burbank High School and Hiram Johnson High School, along with our newest partnership with Grant Valley High School, have made a tremendous impact on the community. In addition to providing counseling services at these high schools, we have also implemented our hallmark Street Team case management approach, working with youth on court-ordered probation.

In response to the lack of safe, supportive spaces for South East Asian youth to connect with each other, EBAYC also coordinates an annual youth summit for Southeast Asian youth at Sacramento State in collaboration with its Admission and Outreach Department. In its fourth year, the South East Asian Youth summit focuses on youth development, college and career readiness, exposure to a college campus and an opportunity for young individuals to connect with others that share similar cultural and personal experiences. The summit includes youth from all of our partner high schools wand serves over 200 young people.