Cleveland Elementary School: QUEST

"Scholars are made at school. Heroes are made after."


The QUEST After School Community strengthens and supports our future (Kindergarten – 5th) heroes. We have partnered with Cleveland Elementary to provide after-school programming since 2007, and our programming complements the school culture of responsibility and inclusiveness. We pride ourselves in making sure all our students are immersed in our program culture of heroism and lifelong learning.

We join our families in supporting their children to use their superhero powers to make smart choices, but most importantly to learn from them. At the QUEST program, we understand that each student’s path to success is unique, and that the key to personal growth is to keep learning for the rest of our lives.


745 Cleveland Street, Oakland


M, Tu, Th, F: 2:45 – 6PM
W: 1:30 – 6PM

Program Director

Jake Tane

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Jake Tane – Program Director

Jake brings lots of experience to his work at EBAYC, starting from his freshman year in high school! He has always loved working with kids, from helping out at his siblings’ basketball practices to working at Head Start. Working with kids puts perspective into his life, and they have taught him patience. He is a big wrestling fan, starting since he was 6 years old.

Ajenae Cooley – After School Teacher

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Andrew Kodama – After School Teacher

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Natalia Martinez – After School Teacher

Ms.Nat has been with EBAYC since 2017. She’s worked at 3 different school sites throughout the 3 years she’s been with EBAYC, bringing a wide range of experience, and The QUEST program at Cleveland is excited to have her return for a second year. As a community leader, she supports our 1st grade and 2nd grade elementary students. Ms.Nat enjoys sharing her creativity with students by teaching art lessons and helps bring lots of colors to the program, including her passion for social justice. “Working with these kids provides hope for the future,” she shared. “It’s such a blessing and so rewarding.


Homework Power Hour

The QUEST After School Community prides itself in providing a solid hour of quiet homework time to all our students Monday – Friday.* Our program’s strong relationship with the school helps us target the areas of support your child needs to succeed during the school day. Homework help is provided by our high/middle school students in addition to the 25-50 UC Berkeley students who’ve mentored with us for over ten years now.

Arrangements can be made (based on availability) to have your child assigned for additional academic support through the QUEST Team. Please follow up with Mr. Mike if you have any additional questions.

Multi-MEdia Learning

At the beginning of each year, our QUEST staff selects one overarching theme that guide the focus of the program for the year. Past program themes have included  “Multi-MEdia Learning”. Projects engage students in creative learning, pushing them to explore fields outside of what they may learn in school. For example, one of our community leaders led a photography unit, that culminated in a student portfolio of photographs taken with donated digital cameras. Students were taught basic photography concepts as well as the role of photography in news, culture, and history. Another community leader created her own film unit, giving students the opportunity to write and direct their own short ‘horror’ film. The culmination of these projects are presented at our student showcase event.

Tuition & Enrollment

2022-2023 After School Program Enrollment

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Summer Program (Updated 03/30/2022)

Currently, we do not have the funding to operate a summer program. Should that change, we will post it here.

Family Engagement

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll learn."

The QUEST After School Community believes parental involvement is absolutely essential in making sure children succeed. The EBAYC team organizes mandatory family celebrations to build community and celebrate together. Learn more about some of our annual events below. We will notify parents of the exact dates of all celebrations well in advance.

Family Literacy Nights

Cleveland Elementary and the QUEST After School Community continuously encourages families to establish a literacy-rich environment at home – one where books, reading and learning are all highly valued, visible and prioritized!

Every year we have stepped up our game with activities, presentations, and performances celebrating the importance of literacy in our everyday lives.

Commitment Ceremony

On commitment ceremony days, we hold our program at a partner middle school campus to provide a glimpse to our scholars of their academic journey. Students stand side-by-side with to their families to reaffirm and commit to the importance of lifelong learning. The night is filled with guest speakers, parent testimony, and concludes with a banquet dinner.

“Cape It Off” Fundraiser

Our annual fundraising tradition recognizes all the unsung heroes of our community who play a role in educating our students and promoting their success. Each year we celebrate heroism with a different theme but with the same message: “Thinkers are made in school, heroes are made after.”

Elevation Celebration

All of our scholars are recognized for taking the next step “up” in their journey of lifelong learning in a community celebration. On this day, our program heads to a high school campus to provide another glimpse to our students and families of what the high school experience will look like. Students showcase different performances and presentations and the night ends with our traditional “Pizza of my Heart” Potluck.