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Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow


Expanded Learning @ Lazear Charter Academy is dedicated to providing a diverse learning experience for youth. Our program provides students with a tailored and engaging menu of learning activities, including academic support, enrichment education, community building and college-going culture activities, and parent engagement.


824 29th Ave, Oakland


M, Tu, Th, F: 3:00 – 6:00PM
W: 1:15 – 6:00PM

Program Director

Lai Saechao

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Lai Saechao – Program Director

Lai first started working with EBAYC as started as a high school volunteer at Garfield Elementary in 2002. She then joined the Roosevelt Middle School team, serving as an Academic Mentor, Program Assistant, Program Coordinator and Family Engagement Coordinator, and Program Director at Westlake Middle School. She enjoys the family engagement, relationship building and program development aspects of her current role s Program Director at EPIC Middle School. As an alumni of EBAYC’s middle school youth programs, Lai credits her mentors for guiding and motivating her. She is driven to give the love and support every child needs to be their best in the communities that need it the most. Lai is currently pursuing a degree in Human Development.


Diana Boytes – After School Teacher

Ms. Diana is our 1st/2nd grade after-school teacher and has been with EBAYC since 2018. Ms. Diana was born and raised in Oakland, and comes from only Spanish-speaking parents. She couldn’t receive academic help at home, so her mother placed her in after-school programs throughout most of her education. Not only did Ms. Diana get help with her work, but she received a ‘key’ that opened a lot of doors with different opportunities which helped her develop new skills and reveal her own potential. That’s why she loves the work she does; she sees herself in these kids, and loves the opportunity to help them discover what they can be capable of. Ms. Diana loves art, hikes, camping and taking selfies.


Diana Burgos – After School Teacher

Ms. Diana has been with EBAYC for seven years, previously at Franklin Elementary and Roosevelt Middle School before joining the EBAYC Lazear team. Something special that she brings to her role is being able to give back to the community and be able to give students that trust in an adult to be able to talk to when they don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone else. Her favorite thing about working with youth is seeing them grow academically and personally. In her spare time, she enjoys horror movies and horror shows.


Karen Hernandez – After School Teacher

Karen is from Jalisco, Mexico, and has lived in Oakland since the age of two. She is a proud product of the Oakland public school system. For the past four years, she has worked at EBAYC as a dedicated mentor and role model for the youth in Oakland. Karen is the mother of a three year old, her favorite color is blue, and she loves to watch the same movies numerous times.


Jennifer Sanchez – After School Teacher

Ms. Jenny is our 7th/8th after-school teacher. She has worked with EBAYC for four years with a focus on supporting 6th-8th graders. Ms. Jenny is an Oakland native and an alum of EBAYC and College Track Oakland after school programs. “Growing up in Oakland is beautiful and there’s truly no place like home. However our community faces a lot of challenges. Therefore, I want to share values, knowledge and support to my students, like EBAYC and CT Oakland did once for me,” said Ms. Jenny. Ms. Jenny enjoys building positive relationships with students and seeing them all thrive and grow each year! During her free time, Ms. Jenny loves reading books about social sciences and ethnic studies.



Strengthening Study and Self-Motivation Skills

Academic Support

Academic Mentors support their advisory cohort with homework completion, learning strategies and test-taking strategies. Mentors review youth homework assignments and organize them in small groups of four tailored to each youth’s academic performance level to foster peer collaboration. Mentors log homework progress and completion daily, and review progress during their consultations with school-day teachers. Youth participate in a Literacy Club to build and reinforce their core academic skills. Academic Mentors guide youth through the process of reading relevant, culturally diverse, socially and emotionally rich literature.

Fostering an Inclusive Community

Community Leadership Circles

Academic Mentors implement Building Intentional Communities curriculum to provide a safe, supportive space for youth to express themselves and build connections to support their social and emotional growth. Youth gain leadership skills to co-design and co-facilitate a group activity for their peers with support from their Academic Mentors.

Expanding Youth Horizons

Enrichment Electives

Youth participate in a semester rotation of enrichment workshops that includes: team sports (soccer/ flag football), arts and media (arts & crafts/yearbook/architectural design), cooking (multi-ethnic and cultural) and science (physics/environmental). The workshops incorporate character and community building with the underlying themes of leadership, empathy, cultural sensitivity and social responsibility.


In light of COVID-19 impacts and in order to best serve our youth, EBAYC is currently awaiting guidance from the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) regarding schools opening in the fall. As soon as we are notified by OUSD, we will inform families of our after-school program enrollment. Please check back on our website for any enrollment updates.


Our thanks to Lazear Charter Academy and our partners for working with us to provide exceptional services to our youth!