Rany’s journey with EBAYC began in her 6th grade year at Franklin Elementary School. She was invited to join EBAYC’s after-school program by an EBAYC academic mentor. Much to Rany and her family’s pleasure, her mentor could speak Cambodian and was able to build trust with Rany’s family. She was then joined EBAYC’s Franklin Elementary School after school program.

EBAYC programs had a tremendous impact on Rany, exposing her to new experiences like horseback riding, camping, seeing snow, and she even got the chance to try her hand at some video production. Rany credits EBAYC with empowering her younger self and helping develop her into a leader.

As current EBAYC Managing Director of Shop 55 Wellness Center at Oakland High School, Rany works with the EBAYC team and partner organizations to serve the Oakland High School community. In her role, Rany further continues EBAYC’s commitment to building young leaders and empowering youth, as she once was.  “I believe that by embracing our EBAYC community, we can uplift each other and help each other grow.”