J'Shuan EaginsGrowing up in Oakland, J’Shaun Eagans has experienced life beyond his age. “I’ve seen people get evicted, robbed, and more. I didn’t care what the future held. I just wanted to be rich and live on the block.”

Youth who are nurtured and empowered are more likely to succeed. Having a consistent structured caring environment contributes to the healthy development of a young person. In reality, not all youth live in a stable environment. Those who live in urban settings are more vulnerable to street violence, gang involvement, and truancy.

EBAYC’s Street Team provides intensive support and guidance to court-involved youth. EBAYC’s trauma-informed approach includes case management, therapeutic activity groups, and transitional employment services.

“My case manager told me that he had work for me and that he would help me get off probation. That was all I needed to hear.” Getting his administrative internship was critical for J’Shaun not only for financial reasons, but it kept him safe. “There were times when I came home from work and found out somebody got shot or killed in my neighborhood. It could have easily been me. My job has not only put money in my pocket, but it has kept me out of a lot of stuff.

“Growing up in Oakland makes you grow up much quicker than you should. I don’t know where I would be without EBAYC.” – J’Shaun Eagans

The future for J’Shuan is more hopeful as he successfully completed his probation and passed his GED exam. “Now, I think about new things, see new things, and experience new things. My future looks brighter. I plan on going to a two-year community college and then transfer to a four year college such as Florida University.” J’Shaun is currently working for a security company, and has moved up quickly in the field. He also recently welcomed the birth of his first child.  EBAYC continues to root for J’Shuan’s success and remains steadfast in our commitment to support our youth to realize their potential.