Every child deserves a high quality education that maximizes his or her potential for success. Schools cannot do it alone. Studies show that students who participate in high quality after-school and summer programs do better in schools. Unfortunately, children from low-income and immigrant families have limited access to such programs.

EBAYC’s after-school and summer programs engage youth in meaningful learning opportunities outside of regular school hours. These programs foster self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership, team building, inquisitive minds, and critical thinking.

rsz_alan_oswaldoAlan and Oswaldo Godinez, (siblings, pictured left), attended EBAYC’s after school program at Roosevelt Middle School. They are also alumni of our after-school program at Franklin Elementary School. Coming from a big family of six boys where both parents work long hours, it was difficult for Alan and Oswaldo to get the help they needed with homework. While their parents couldn’t provide them with academic support, it was always a priority for Alan and Oswaldo to go to college to pursue a better future.  Sayra Godoy, Alan and Oswaldo’s mother, shared, “The [EBAYC] after-school program helps my kids to start thinking about college…I know that Roosevelt and EBAYC partner up to provide a college-going culture. And that is important to me.”

Prior to joining EBAYC, Alan and Oswaldo felt lost and struggled academically. However, once enrolled in the EBAYC after school program, things changed for them.

“EBAYC made me realize that I’m NOT dumb. I used to put (random answers) down on my homework because I didn’t know how to do it and didn’t have help.” – Alan Godinez, EBAYC after-school participant

Both Alan and Oswaldo attribute their achievement to the support they receive from their EBAYC academic mentors and the vigorous learning environment.  Alan shared, “Nicole, [my] academic mentor, is nice but she’s SERIOUS when it comes to my report card and makes sure I finish my homework and understand the subject matter!” In fact, both are earning nearly 4.0 GPAs! We couldn’t be more proud of both Alan and Oswaldo’s thriving success.


  • 97% of parents report that EBAYC after school programs provide opportunities to their children they otherwise wouldn’t get
  • 94% of youth reported our after school programs help they feel more confident about what they can do
  • 90% of youth reported they are better at something that they used to think was hard since coming to our programs
  • 91% of youth reported they feel more a part of their school as a result of their participation in our programs