Franklin Elementary

Providing diverse and tailored learning experiences for our youth.


EBAYC’s Expanded Learning After -School Program at Franklin Elementary School is dedicated to providing a diverse learning experience for youth. We serve 110 2nd-5th grade youth all 177 days of the school year, and provide students a diverse menu of learning activities, including academic support, enrichment education, community building and college-going culture activities and parent engagement.


915 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland


M, Tu, Th, F: 3 – 6PM
W: 1:30 – 6PM

Program Director

Vincent Yu

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Vincent Yu – Program Director

Vincent was born and raised in Oakland around the Cleveland Heights area. Vincent started with EBAYC as a high school intern and has since worked his way to being an Program Director.  Vincent is motivated to give the youth the support they need to succeed in the education system and has always believed in the value of After School Programs in giving  students a safe place to get help with their school work and connect with others. He graduated from Cal State East Bay, Hayward with a Business Degree and loves to play basketball in his spare time.

Kevin Alvarenga – After School Teacher

Kevin was born and raised in Oakland, California. Kevin first joined EBAYC in middle school and then during his sophomore year he came back as a high school intern. Kevin graduated High School in 2021 and soon after became a mentor at Franklin. He enjoys getting to know the students and loves talking and learning about what they are interested in. His goal is to help them improve academically and socially so that they become a better version of themselves. During his free time, Kevin likes to watch TV shows, and the most important is that he loves to eat Wingstop. Kevin also spends his free time playing video games and is interested in traveling.


Jennifer Garcia – After School Teacher

Jennifer was originally born in Long Beach, California – but was raised in Oakland. She often gets mistaken for being Mexican, but is actually Hondurian! This is Jennifer’s first year working with EBAYC and has loved every moment of it. She also has 2 children of her own, which she loves spending time with them. Her two children is also enrolled in the EBAYC program and they love being there everyday! During her free time, she loves to just spend time with her family and chillax at home. She hopes she can use her experiences to help support the students in the program.

Binh Giang – After School Teacher

Binh started working with EBAYC in 2019 and has enjoyed working with school faculty members, parents, and especially the students. During her first year with EBAYC, Binh mentored a combination of 2nd and 3rd graders, teaching Science enrichment to students who were interested in exploring, observing, and creating. Binh also taught Art, since she always took at least one form of art class during her time at college. She loves Arts and Crafts, since it is subjective and anything can be considered art, and encourages her students to find their own creativity and innovation by expressing themselves. During her free time, Binh enjoys the leisure of playing video games as it helps relieve tensions and calm her mind. When she’s not playing video games, Binh is often watching reruns of TV shows and Anime.


Gia Nguyen – After School Teacher

Gia was originally born in Vietnam but was raised in Oakland, California for the most part of her life. She is fluent in Vietnamese and has spent time volunteering at her local Vietnamese community center. Gia has been a part of EBAYC as a student herself and is very familiar with how things operate. This is her first year working at EBAYC and teaching at Franklin Elementary School. She began with teaching the 2nd graders, but hopes to be able to work with different grade levels in the future as well. For her enrichment class, she teaches science to students who are interested in exploring and observing. She wants to give the student a better opportunity to gain a better knowledge of why and how things function.

Sarah Saechao – After School Teacher

Sarah has been with EBAYC since 2014. Born and raised in Oakland, she loves working with kids because she believe that children are our future, and learning by experience is better than learning by paper. She believes that helping children academically and socially can help them grow into unique individuals. Sarah has taught students of all ages, and has experience teaching in basketball, art, and photography. She is a very big Disney fan, and loves to visiting Disney parks when time permits. She also enjoy sketching, hiking, traveling, gaining new experiences, and creating new memories.

Rosa Vizcarra – After School Teacher

Currently, Rosa is working for EBAYC as a first year after school teacher. She is an alumni of our EBAYC after school program! She has loved the program ever since joining and decided to come back to pursue a job with them to give back to her community. Rosa is working primarily with 3rd graders but has experience working with other grades also. As part of her passion, Rosa teaches Arts & Craft and Cooking as part of her enrichment classes for the youth. She believes if kids have a passion for something, it can be a great opportunity to express themselves freely. Getting to know students and building a bond with them is something Rosa strongly believes in. Providing a safe space for kids is her biggest goal. In Rosa’s free time she enjoys trying new foods, doing her nails & bonding with her Guinea pigs: Miso and Bao.


Strengthening Study and Self-Motivation Skills

Academic Support

Academic Mentors support their advisory cohort with homework completion, learning strategies and test-taking strategies. Mentors review youth homework assignments and organize them in small groups of four tailored to each youth’s academic performance level to foster peer collaboration. Mentors log homework progress and completion daily, and review progress during their consultations with school-day teachers. Youth participate in Literacy and Math Clubs to build and reinforce their core academic skills. Academic Mentors guide youth through the process of reading relevant, culturally diverse, socially and emotionally rich literature. Math Club engages youth in fun, hands-on interactive games to make math come alive.

Paving the Path to Higher Education

College & Career

Students participate in College and Career classes that allows them to get a glimpse of what they might want to study when they get to that point in their life. Our mentors choose a variety of majors and build a “college” curriculum around those areas. Past areas of focus have included: College of Science, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, Architecture, Social Media, and Aerospace Engineering. Each students will get the opportunity to learn and experience each “college” as they rotate classes each month.

Expanding Youth Horizons

Enrichment Electives

Every semester, students participate in enrichment workshops designed to gain exposure to new learning experiences, such as team sports (basketball, soccer, flag football), arts and crafts, dance and cooking (multi-ethnic and culture). The workshops are designed to incorporate character and culture building with the underlying themes of leadership, empathy, cultural sensitivity and social responsibility. A selected group of Enrichment Electives are offered through our partnerships with UC Berkeley SEED, Street Soccer USA and Running for a Better Oakland.



Our thanks to Franklin Elementary and our community partners for working with us to provide exceptional services to our youth!