Garfield Elementary School

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow


EBAYC’s After School Program at Garfield focuses on shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Students are given opportunities to take on leadership roles and student choice. We serve a very diverse population which includes a large newcomer, refugee, and English language learner population.


1640 22nd Avenue, Oakland


M, Tu, Th, F: 3:00 – 6PM
W: 1:30 – 6PM

Community Schools Manager

Nikita Williams

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Nikita Williams – Community Schools Manager

Nikita grew up in Oakland and attended OUSD schools. When she was first offered an intern position with EBAYC 14 years ago, the opportunity allowed her to find her passion to work with Oakland youth.She has learned and grown with EBAYC, from intern to Program Assistant to Site Coordinator to Program Director.As the Community Schools Manager at Garfield Elementary, she is thrilled to continue to give back to the community that she grew up in.

Mauricio Cisneros – Expanded Learning Program Co-Coordinator

Mauricio was born and raised in the San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland, and attended Oakland public schools from elementary through high school. After earning his degree from Peralta Colleges and CSU East Bay with a focus in Psychology and Child Development, Mauricio began his career in youth development working at St. Elizabeth High School as a Soccer Coach and mentor. He joined EBAYC in 2010 as an Academic Mentor at Garfield Elementary, the same elementary school he attended as a child. Through his years with EBAYC at Garfield, he has held the roles of Program Assistant, Family Advocate, and Program Director at Garfield Elementary. Mauricio is motivated every day to make a difference in the lives of the youth we serve and loves hearing from his former students on what they have been up to!

Bernice Grisby – Expanded Learning Program Co-Coordinator

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Rocio Cisneros – Family Advocate

Rosio grew up in the San Antonio Neighborhood of Oakland and attended and graduated from Oakland schools. She first came across EBAYC in 2008 as a parent volunteer at Garfield Elementary School, where her children attended school. In 2009, she joined the staff as a Family Advocate at Garfield. She is responsible for providing outreach and case management to parents and guardians of children who are chronically absent from school. She also runs the Parent Center, providing support to parents, guardians, and caregivers regarding health-related and social service resources for their children. Rosio strongly believes in EBAYC’s mission and is excited to be able to give back to the community and the people that saw her grow up.

Destiny Graham – After School Teacher

Destiny is in her first year as an EBAYC staff member, and is thrilled to now be working for the program she attended as a youth years ago! Destiny previously worked with younger children from the ages 6 weeks to 18 months and brings that patience and energy to elementary youth. Being born and raised in Oakland, she wants to give back to her community. Working with kids gives her the life and curiosity of being a kid again, and lets her see the world in all different perspectives. Destiny loves to spend her free time with her 8 siblings, of whom she is the oldest.

Bernice Grisby – After School Teacher

Bernice has been with EBAYC since 2014, working as an Academic Mentor, Family Advocate and more. Growing up in Oakland all of her life, she brings positive energy and encouragement to the youth, along with her love for science and cooking. Being a Youth Mentor and being a part of youth groups in Oakland for most of her life, Bernice is committed to making a difference in the lives of youth. The best part about working with kids for her is seeing the smiles on their faces and being able to help them thrive. Bernice loves trying new things and is always bringing in fresh ideas to the EBAYC Garfield team. You’ll often find her with a smile on her face as she loves kids and working with youth has always been her passion.

Emily Hernandez – After School Teacher
Alexander Isasiano – After School Teacher

During his first year working at EBAYC, Mr. Alex is in charge of supporting and assisting 3rd graders in our after-school program. Mr. Alex has experience volunteering and reaching out to families. Working with kids is fulfilling and that’s what makes Mr. Alex strive to be better each day. In his free time, Mr. Alex likes to dance, draw and take photos.

Naza’reth Johnson – Family Advocate

Brandon Odesa – After School Teacher

Brandon was been part of the Garfield EBAYC team since 2015. He works with 2-5th graders, but his main focus is supporting 4th graders. Brandon was once a Garfield student, EBAYC student, and an athlete in Bobby’s after school program, which helps him really relate to his current students. His favorite thing about working at with EBAYC at Garfield is that he feels at home when he comes to work everyday. He loves doing his part to make sure each kid he works with has a amazing day. Brandon is a proud Oakland kid, just like the youth he works with every day.

Joseph Rodriquez – After School Teacher

Joseph has been with EBAYC since the start of 2020. He enjoys building relationships with the kids and helping them out with their homework. He feels accomplished when he can help them out with difficult questions. His hobbies are listening to music, watching horror movies and building puzzles.

Jackeline Sainz-Ramirez – After School Teacher

Jackie has worked with EBAYC since 2018. Being born and raised in Oakland gives her the motivation to help her community and youth thrive in the city she has known her entire life. Working with kids has been an eye-opening experience for her. Every day that she talks to the kids she learns something funny and new from them, and they remind her to not take life too seriously! Her experience working with kids has put her on a path to pursue a career in youth work. She is currently a junior at Cal State East Bay, working on achieving her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. In her leisure time she loves painting, reading, and most recently, roller skating!

Tran Tran – After School Teacher

Tran has been working with EBAYC for the last 5 years. She enjoys giving back to the community and encouraging youth to pursue their dreams. Her favorite thing about working with the kids are their smiles and the little drawings they make and give her. On her down time she enjoys drawing, watching horror movies and listening to scary stories.


Strengthening Study and Self-Motivation Skills

Academic Support

Academic Mentors support their advisory cohort with homework completion, learning strategies and test-taking strategies. Mentors review youth homework assignments and organize them in small groups of four tailored to each youth’s academic performance level to foster peer collaboration. Mentors log homework progress and completion daily, and review progress during their consultations with school-day teachers. Youth participate in a Literacy Club to build and reinforce their core academic skills. Academic Mentors guide youth through the process of reading relevant, culturally diverse, socially and emotionally rich literature.

Fostering an Inclusive Community

Community Leadership Circles

Academic Mentors implement Building Intentional Communities curriculum to provide a safe, supportive space for youth to express themselves and build connections to support their social and emotional growth. Youth gain leadership skills to co-design and co- facilitate a group activity for their peers with support from their Academic Mentors.

Expanding Youth Horizons

Enrichment Electives

Youth participate in a semester rotation of enrichment workshops that includes: team sports (soccer/ flag football), arts and media (arts & crafts/yearbook/architectural design), cooking (multi-ethnic and cultural) and science (physics/environmental). The workshops incorporate character and community building with the underlying themes of leadership, empathy, cultural sensitivity and social responsibility.



Our thanks to Garfield Elementary and our partners for working with us to provide exceptional services to our youth!