Manzanita Community School

Building a Community of Young Leaders


The Expanded Learning program at Manzanita Community School is a safe and inclusive environment for young people to learn and thrive. Our program prides itself in creating leadership opportunities for students. Whether it is a classroom job, leading an icebreaker, or planning activities, student choice and voice always comes first. We are also proud of our active parent community and the strong relationships we have built with with teachers and day time staff, all focused on uplifting our youth.


2409 East 27th Street, Oakland


M, Tu, Th, F: 2:30 – 6PM
W: 1:30 – 6PM

Program Director

Angela Phung

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Angela Phung – Program Director

As the Director of Expanded Learning at Manzanita Community School, Angela provides a safe, inclusive and engaging environment for our students to thrive and develop leadership skills. Angela has been a part of the EBAYC team since 2002, working as a high school mentor, Program Assistant and Academic Team leader prior to her current role. Angela’s motivation in youth development work stems from her own experiences when she was younger.  She credits her own mentor for encouraging and supporting her through difficult times in school and now strives to be that support system for our young people, providing them a safe place for them to be who they are, express themselves, grow and thrive. Angela is currently attending Merritt College, and is the proud parent of a student in the Oakland Unified School District.


Daisy Boytes – After School Teacher

Ms. Daisy was born and raised in Oakland, and has been working in youth development for the past 4 years at Manzanita Community School as a Noon Supervisor and an EBAYC Academic Mentor. Ms.Daisy has built strong relationships with the students and families at MCS and is passionate about her work and goes above and beyond to help the Manzanita community. She has always made it clear to her students that they are OUR future and they can be anything they want to be and there no limits to what they can achieve. “I always knew I wanted to work with kids because I wanted to give to them what I didn’t have at my elementary school: a person who can teach you but also learn from you, a person that can be serious in class but will play with you during recess.” Outside of EBAYC, Ms.Daisy loves spending time with her family and friends, loves animals, especially her dog Mufasa, loves the sea and Starbucks and adores Winnie the Pooh! “I am very lucky to have the opportunity to give back to my community by advocating for my students and families and supporting them on their journey in life.”


Felipe Mendoza – After School Teacher

Felipe is a proud product of OUSD Schools and EBAYC After School Programs, and has dedicated his time and energy in supporting the same community that have always been there for him. Born in La Palma, Michoacan but raised in Oakland, Felipe started his journey with EBAYC as Camp Thrive’s Camp Leader in 2017 and has continues since then bringing his diverse background and passion for learning and sports to the youth. Seeing the growth and the positive impact he has on his students is what drives him to not only be a better educator, but a better person overall. As an Oakland youth and previous EBAYC student himself, he tries his best to be a great role model for the youth, just like the ones he had growing up.


Andrea Reyes – After School Teacher

Andrea has been part of the EBAYC team for two years and also is a TK tutor during the school day at Manzanita Community School. Born in Berkeley and raised in Oakland, also a product of Oakland’s public school, Andrea has been able to build deeper connections with students helping them grow mentally, physically and emotionally. Her passion for working with youth comes from the relationship she built with her high school counselor, who have always pushed her to do her best. She has 6 years of experience working with the youth, Ms. Andrea is blessed to be a part of the Mustang community and EBAYC family at MCS and enjoys sharing her love of playing outdoor games with students.


Ines Segura – After School Teacher

Ines has been with EBAYC for the last 4 years as an Academic Mentor and supporting Manzanita SEED in the school day as a Noon supervisor. Born and raised in Oakland, Ines has a passion and love for youth development stemming from her own experience with an after school program in middle school. “I enjoyed staying after school because it made me feel safe, comfortable, and I had a lot of fun. My mentor and I built a really good relationship. She made me feel like I could talk to her about anything, years later I came across her and she offered me a position as an academic mentor which I accepted. At first, I wasn’t sure if working with youth was for me, but after my first year I realized I could make a difference and give my kids the same positive experience I had growing up.” Working with the youth and seeing their smiles everyday is an experience she would not trade for anything, and hopes that she can make a difference in their life.


Valerie Vang – After School Teacher

Valerie joined EBAYC as an After School Program Mentor at Manzanita Community School in 2019, she is passionate about giving back to her community and wishes to support students whether that may be with their education or social and emotional health. Valerie was born and raised in Oakland and is a proud graduate of Oakland High School. She really enjoyed her childhood and teen years with the Oakland Unified School District and is motivated to give back like the many role models who helped her throughout her education. In her free time, Valerie enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends and playing with her puppy named Miko.



Strengthening Study and Self-Motivation Skills

Academic Support

Academic Mentors support their advisory cohort with homework completion, learning strategies and test-taking strategies. Mentors review youth homework assignments and organize them in small groups of four tailored to each youth’s academic performance level to foster peer collaboration. Mentors log homework progress and completion daily, and review progress during their consultations with school-day teachers. Youth participate in Literacy and Math Clubs to build and reinforce their core academic skills. Academic Mentors guide youth through the process of reading relevant, culturally diverse, socially and emotionally rich literature. Math Club engages youth in fun, hands-on interactive games to make math come alive.

Fostering an Inclusive Community

Community Leadership Circles

Academic Mentors implement Building Intentional Communities curriculum to provide a safe, supportive space for youth to express themselves and build connections to support their social and emotional growth. Youth gain leadership skills to co-design and co-facilitate a group activity for their peers with support from their Academic Mentors.

Expanding Youth Horizons

Enrichment Electives

Every semester, youth select enrichment electives to gain exposure to new learning experiences. Workshops include team sports (basketball, soccer, flag football), arts and crafts, and cooking (multi ethnic and culture). The workshops are designed to incorporate character and culture building with the underlying themes of leadership, empathy, cultural sensitivity and social responsibility. To promote decision making and ownership, youth rank their preferences and are placed in one of their top three choices. A selected group of Enrichment Electives are offered through our partnerships with Destiny Arts, Prescott Circle Troupe and America SCORES.



Our thanks to Manzanita Community School and our community partners for working with us to provide exceptional services to our youth!