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Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow


Expanded Learning @ Roosevelt is dedicated to providing a diverse learning experience for youth. Our program serves 245 students who attend the school, and provides students with a tailored and engaging menu of learning activities, including academic support, enrichment education, community building and college-going culture activities, and parent engagement.


1926 E 19th Street, Oakland


M, Tu, Th, F: 3:00 – 6PM
W: 1:30 – 6PM

Managing Director

Marisela DeAnda

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Marisela De Anda – Managing Director
Marisela started her career in youth development through EBAYC as a high school youth intern at Franklin Elementary School in 2004. Thereafter, she spent over 10 years as the After School Program Director at La Escuelita TK-8th School and led the community though many milestones, including the successful transition to a newly constructed school site in 2012. She also served as EBAYC’s Special Projects Director, managing EBAYC’s high school employment program, summer program design and more, before her current role as Managing Director at Roosevelt Middle School. Born and raised in Oakland, Marisela comes from an upbringing similar to the youth she serves and is a strong believer of giving back to her community.



Anthony Alexandre – Youth advocate
Mr. Anthony has been a part of EBAYC’s team since 2015 and attended EBAYC’s after school program as a youth himself. Hi is an Oakland native and a proud graduate of Oakland public schools, which he attended from elementary school to high school. He is familiar with the daily struggles of an Oakland native, so his goal is to help as many students as possible find their way through life. He believes every student can be successful with the right support system. Anthony loves making things fun and finding new ways to help the youth enjoy learning, and he looks forward to helping as many students as he can! He loves to go fishing in his free time and is on a journey to try every different boba spot in the Bay.


Nikole Basquine – Youth Advocate
Ms. Nikole has worked at EBAYC for almost 12 years, and loves the work that she does with her community. Growing up in Oakland and a former Roosevelt student, she knows that she can relate to the everyday issues our students face. One of her favorite things about working with students is knowing that she has impacted their lives positively. A fun fact about Ms. Nikole is that she was born with 12 fingers and so were her 3 children.


Taliyah Campbell – After School Teacher
Ms. Taliyah is going into her second year at EBAYC as an after school teacher. She was born and raised in Oakland and loves to give back to the youth by supporting them through school. She really enjoys the excitement and lessons she has taught her students and wants to continue to have a positive impact by continuing to lead them in the right direction. Her favorite thing about working with kids is hearing the curiosity they have about life and learning from them herself. One fun fact about Ms. Taliyah is that she loves buffalo wings.


Lizbeth Hernandez –
Ms. Lizbeth started her journey with EBAYC interning at one of our elementary sites and is excited to bring her experience and knowledge to the Roosevelt team this year! As a former intern and current employee, she feels lucky to have the opportunity to work with the youth that she can impact positively. She is determined to give the best version of herself as she works to build relationships with the students and their families. Ms. Lizbeth is a recent graduate from the University of California, Riverside, with a Bachelor’s in Sociology.  In her free time, she likes to binge-watch shows on Netflix and Hulu.


Kevin Mai – After School Teacher
Mr. Kevin was born and raised in Oakland and is a proud alumni of Roosevelt Middle School. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree at UCLA and is a current graduate student at Samuel Merritt University obtaining his Masters degree in Nursing. Before working at EBAYC, he served as a teacher’s assistant at UCLA’s elementary school and also worked as a behavioral therapist for children with autism. He knows the obstacles and hardships living in Oakland; as an after school teacher, he looks to support underserved students in the Oakland community and provide opportunities to further their careers. Mr. Kevin also enjoys basketball and football and spends his free time watching Netflix.


Diocelina Morelos – After School Teacher
Diocelina (otherwise known as Ms. Josie) has been with EBAYC for 5 years now. She was born in Mexico and partly raised in Oakland, which has helped guide and support the youth in leading them to success because she can relate to the youth that comes from a similar upbringing. Ms. Josie attends Laney Community College and is working towards completing her Associate Degree in Ethnic Studies and will soon transfer to Cal State East Bay to pursue her Bachelors degree. A fun fact about Ms. Josie is that she loves Japanese food and likes to cook in her free time.


Denise Nguyen – After School Teacher
Ms. Denise recently graduated from Cal State East Bay and is a first generation college student in her family. She spent the past two years teaching and tutoring throughout the Bay Area. Her favorite thing about working with kids is being able to connect with them and help them be able to see their potential and grow. In her spare time she enjoys watercolor painting and going on hikes with friends and family.


Dianna Ochoa
Ms. Dianna has been with EBAYC for 4 years now. Ms. Dianna brings a lot of compassion, support, and love to EBAYC. She grew up in Oakland and went to Roosevelt, which has given her first-hand experience on what our students go through everyday. She understands what it is like to grow up in this community and this allows her to easily relate to many students. She comes from a big family and is the oldest, so she is used to being surrounded by many children of all ages. A few of Ms. Dianna’s favorite reasons about working with students are joking with them, guiding them to make good choices, sharing experiences, learning about their culture, and getting familiar with them overall. Some fun facts about Ms. Dianna are that she has worked in a government-owned laboratory, has a pet snake that is 15 years old, loves to play and watch sports (especially baseball/softball), and has 7 tattoos.


Erik Ortega – After School Teacher
Mr. Erik has worked at 5 of the EBAYC sites and is currently at Roosevelt as an after school teacher and the school’s soccer coach. He was also an EBAYC student at Garfield Elementary & remembers that he loved attending the program daily. Some of Mr. Erik’s best childhood memories were spent during the after school hours, and he hopes to provide that same joy for the students like some of his mentors did for him. He enjoys working with students because they are full of life. A few fun facts about Mr. Erik is that he was born in Leon Guanajuato Mexico and is a San Francisco State Gator.


Nathalie Reyes –
Ms. Nathalie previously worked at EBAYC two summers ago at Franklin Elementary and is super excited to start her first year with the Roosevelt team! Born and raised in Oakland, she also attended Roosevelt as a youth and then graduated from Skyline High School in 2018. She enjoys interacting with students and learning about each one of their stories. Her favorite thing would be seeing student’s academic growth over the years and their energetic character. A fun fact about Ms. Nathalie is that she can dance Folklorico and loves doing makeup!


Deanna Ruiz – After School Teacher
Ms. Deanna is inspired to enhance professional learning through teacher story-telling and classroom experiences. She is very family-oriented, which shows in the classroom and is very supportive and caring towards her students. Her passion for sports is strong, as she sees that as a way to practice self-love and self-discipline while having fun. Her favorite sports to watch and play are basketball and football. Ms. Deanna is extremely enthusiastic about the year ahead, and is looking forward to having the privilege of supporting the youth!


Kaitlyn Schimberg- After School Teacher
Ms. Kaitlyn has worked at EBAYC for about 2 years. The skills that she brings when working at EBAYC is great enthusiasm and quality communication when engaging with students. Some of Ms. Kaitlyn’s favorite aspects of working with children is seeing how creative they can be and she never has a boring day with them. Being able to work directly with students and help them in their journey through education is one of Ms Kaitlyn’s biggest passions for her career. A fun fact about Ms. Kaitlyn is she loves pugs.



Strengthening Study and Self-Motivation Skills

Academic Support

Academic Mentors support their advisory cohort with homework completion, learning strategies and test-taking strategies. Mentors review youth homework assignments and organize them in small groups of four tailored to each youth’s academic performance level to foster peer collaboration. Mentors log homework progress and completion daily, and review progress during their consultations with school-day teachers. Youth participate in a Literacy Club to build and reinforce their core academic skills. Academic Mentors guide youth through the process of reading relevant, culturally diverse, socially and emotionally rich literature.

Fostering an Inclusive Community

Community Leadership Circles

Academic Mentors implement Building Intentional Communities curriculum to provide a safe, supportive space for youth to express themselves and build connections to support their social and emotional growth. Youth gain leadership skills to co-design and co-facilitate a group activity for their peers with support from their Academic Mentors.

Expanding Youth Horizons

Enrichment Electives

Youth participate in a rotation of enrichment workshops that include: team sports (soccer/ flag football), arts and media (arts & crafts/yearbook/architectural design), cooking (multi-ethnic and cultural) and science (physics/environmental). The workshops incorporate character and community building with the underlying themes of leadership, empathy, cultural sensitivity and social responsibility.  Students engage in a new elective every 8 weeks increase their exposure to a variety of program offerings and learn about different career fields.

We are proud to announce our newly launched Roosevelt After School Music Program this year!  The program will provide:

• Opportunities for students to learn a musical instrument who were not able to enroll in music class during the school day.
• Expert coaching for students who want additional music instruction to get to a higher level.
• Young musicians the opportunity to learn a second instrument.
• A music centered community within Roosevelt Middle School.
• Extra classes for students to expand their musical interests (offerings may include jazz band, mariachi, and choir).




Our thanks to Roosevelt Middle School and our partners for working with us to provide exceptional services to our youth!