Rany Ath

Managing Director, Oakland High Shop 55 Wellness Center
510-874-7152 ext. 245

Born and raised in the San Antonio neighborhood of Oakland, Rany is a dedicated leader in her community. As the Shop 55 Wellness Center Managing Director at Oakland High School, her alma mater, allows her the opportunity to give back to and help build her community by cultivating an environment that supports, motivates, and inspires young people to become safe, smart and socially responsible. She engages school staff, community-based partners, local businesses and colleges to be involved in being a part of our youth’s development. She received her Bachelors of Art in Social Welfare and Ethnic Studies with a minor in Education at U.C. Berkeley in 2006.

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Juan Campos

Program Director, Dewey Academy

Juan  was born in Mexico but has spent his entire school career in Oakland, from Highland Elementary to Castlemont High. Juan first started youth work in 2001 at Castlemont High and has been working with the community ever since. He has over ten years of youth experience in the arenas of court advocacy, probation, schools, home, and in the community. Juan is also a passionate soccer player and coach and has coached the EBAYC’s soccer team since 2011.

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Nhi Chau

Deputy Director of Strategic Development
510-533-1092 ext. 28

As the Deputy Director of Strategic Development, Nhi is responsible for strategizing EBAYC’s financial sustainability through securing funding sources. Nhi is the former Executive Director of the Oakland Asian Students Educational Services (OASES) and joined the executive team of EBAYC after the two organizations merged in 2012. Prior to these roles, Nhi served as a Program Manager for Student Group Relations at the UC Berkeley California Alumni Association (CAA) and served as a former Board Member to the UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare. Nhi holds a bachelor degree in Social Welfare from UC Berkeley and a Masters of Education from Harvard University. Nhi is actively involved in her community as she has also served as a co-founder, Board Member, and teacher/facilitator for the Alameda Community Learning Center, an independent charter school created in partnership with the Alameda Unified School District and Arthur Andersen.

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Lily Chuong

Program Director, Lincoln Elementary School

Born and raised in Oakland, Lily is a proud graduate of Oakland Unified School District’s schools. Her first encounter with EBAYC was when she interned at Franklin Elementary School’s After-School Program during her senior year at Oakland High. Through her internship, Lily discovered her passion to work with youth. Upon her internship completion, Lily went on to become an Academic Mentor for the EBAYC after-school program at Roosevelt Middle School. She was later promoted to be the Program Assistant. As a program alum and staff of EBAYC for more than eight years, Lily believes in its mission and is excited to support the organization. Lily is fluent in Cantonese and likes to dance in her spare time.

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Rosio Cisneros

Family Advocate, Garfield Elementary

Rosio grew up in the San Antonio Neighborhood of Oakland and attended and graduated from Oakland schools. She first came across EBAYC in 2008 as a parent volunteer at Garfield Elementary School, where her children attended school. In 2009, she joined the staff as a Family Advocate at Garfield. She is responsible for providing outreach and case management to parents and guardians of children who are chronically absent from school. She also runs the Parent Center, providing support to parents, guardians, and caregivers regarding health-related and social service resources for their children. Rosio strongly believes in EBAYC’s mission and is excited to be able to give back to the community and the people that saw her grow up.

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Marisela DeAnda

Special Projects Director

Marisela started her career in youth development through EBAYC as a high school youth at Franklin Elementary School in 2004. There after, she spent over 10 years as the After School Program Director at La Escuelita TK-8th School and has led the community though many milestones, including the successful transition to a newly constructed school site in 2012. Currently, she serves as EBAYC’s Special Projects Director managing special projects such as high school employment, summer program design and more. Born and raised in Oakland, Marisela comes from an upbringing similar to the youth she serves and is a strong believer of giving back to her community.

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Erik Fuller

Counselor, Oakland High Shop 55 Wellness Center

Erik is a long-time EBAYC staff member, currently working as a Counselor at Oakalnd High’s Wellness Center.  He screens all students who come the school’s referral system and connects them to services within and outside of the program for further support. Erik was born and raised in Oakland, and understands the importance of having the right guidance keeping youth on track and giving them tools to be successful, and credits the mentors he had when he was young with shaping him into the person he is today. Erik attended Oakland public schools elementary through high school and San Jose State University, and currently lives in the Oakland.

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David Kakishiba

Executive Director
510-533-1092 ext. 25

As Executive Director of EBAYC, David is responsible for leading our organization strategically to fulfill our mission. David has over 30 years of leadership experience in his role as Executive Director and is known for his bold community leadership. David previously served as president of the Oakland Unified School district Board of Directors and has secured over $30 million to make needed renovations to Oakland schools. David is the author of Oakland’s Kids First! Initiative, which voters passed overwhelmingly in 1996. Today, Kids First! provides $9 million annually for children services throughout Oakland without raising taxes. David’s work has been honored by the Ford Foundation with its prestigious Leadership For A Changing World Award.

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Pearn Koeu

Program Coordinator, Oakland High Wellness Center
510-874-7152 ext.246

 Pearn has worked for community organizations and non-profit youth development programs for over a decade. With her passion for community health, she plans to go into nursing to provide Oakland youth with the medical care they deserve. Pearn is a graduate of Boston Reed College in Napa and is a California Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA-C, 2009) and a National Certified and California Licensed Phlebotomist (CPT-1,2009).

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Evangelina Lara

Community Organizer
510-533-1092 ext. 41

Evangelina first worked with EBAYC as a parent volunteer at her children’s school while they were enrolled at Roosevelt Middle and Oakland High School in 1999. Eva’s strong family traditions and her passion to serve her Latino community is motivated her to become more involved. In her role as Community Organizer, Eva provides translation services, leads community events, and engages families to provide a wide range of support services. She is actively involved in the English Learners Advisory Committee, School Site Council, Principals Coffee, and the Parent Teacher Association

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Jimmy Lee

Program Director, Edna Brewer Middle School

Jimmy has been with EBAYC since 2008, previously serving as the program coordinator for Roosevelt Middle School before launching our programming at Edna Brewer Middle School. A product of Oakland’s public schools, Jimmy is connected to the community and particularly recognizes the challenges of growing up in an English-learning family can pose for students without proper support. Jimmy graduated from Cal State Hayward in 2009 with the Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice.

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Chanda May

Street Team Case Manager
510-533-1092 ext.24

Chanda May is a proud alumni of EBAYC’s youth program. She has served as a Street Team Counselor, working specifically with system involved young women, since 2006. Prior to her role as a Case Manager, Chandra served as a Youth Organizer to train campaigning and community organizing skills to youth in the San Antonio district and a Community Mapper with the Oakland Child Health and Safety Initiative. Chanda is a unique liaison to EBAYC’s youth through her cultural competence and extensive youth development working with the Southeast Asian Communities. Chanda is fluent in Khmer.
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Frederick Mesa

Program Director, Urban Promise Academy

Frederick Douglass Mesa has worked in the field of Youth Development and Education for 18 years and 15 of those years as a Program Director. Frederick is passionately dedicated to youth empowerment and leadership, cultural awareness and appreciation, and social justice and change. Frederick has served the communities of Oakland, Richmond and San Rafael. The multiculturalism and commitment to community that Frederick brings supports his community to feel respected and valued, which in turn nurtures the cultivation of programming that emphasizes investment in youth enrichment and advocacy.

As a father of five, Frederick understands the importance of positive male role models of color for all youth despite of race, ethnicity, gender or social status. As an inner city urban youth of color raised by a single mother, he brings experience and insight to the issues facing youth of color as well as the challenges that present themselves everyday in the lives of youth who live in disenfranchised communities.

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Darling Mieu

Development Manager

Darling was born and raised in Oakland, and spent her entire school career in the Oakland Unified School district, attending Laurel Elementary, Montera Middle School and Skyline High School. While attending Skyline’s Education Academy, she discovered her passion for working with youth, particularly within the city she calls home. She was introduced to EBAYC in 2012 and loves that she can work and give back to her community at the same time. She is currently working on completing her undergraduate studies in Sociology and Business Management. As the Development Manager, she coordinates the OASES Leadership team, manages program tuition, and provides optimal support for our events.

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Suman Murthy

Communications Director
510-533-1092 ext. 11

As Communications Director at EBAYC, Suman oversees communications efforts for the organization, and also provides guidance to EBAYC’s fundraising efforts, programmatic work and event planning. She brings over 10 years of experience working with community-based organizations. Suman previously worked at Californians for Safety and Justice, where she worked on public education campaigns to support the successful passage of Proposition 47 in the November 2014 election, as well as with survivors of crime, conducting storytelling trainings and organizing their annual conference.  She holds a BA in Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz and is completing a Masters in Communications from San Francisco State University.

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Andy Nelsen

Deputy Director of Policy Initiatives
510-533-1092 ext. 35

As Deputy Director for Public Policy and Organizing, Andy has led a neighborhood Listening Campaign which directly engaged 500 residents in the development of neighborhood change priorities, coordinated EBAYC’s leading participation in the award-winning public planning process for International Blvd Transit Oriented Development, and has led our neighborhood work to reduce prostitution and the trafficking of minors. Andy’s history as an organizer goes back to 1980, when he led a unionization campaign at the warehouse where he was employed. He has worked as a labor organizer, community organizer, policy analyst and advocate in Oakland for over 30 years. He holds a Masters Degree in Social Welfare Policy from the Heller School at Brandeis University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from San Francisco State University, where he directed the Public Research Institute, a public interest survey research organization specializing in urban issues. He worked at Urban Strategies Council for over a decade, where he served as Senior Associate for Economic Opportunity.

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Cynthia Phan

Program Director, Roosevelt Middle School

As the Director of Expanded Learning at Roosevelt Middle School, Cynthia oversees the day-to-day operation and management of our programs to foster a safe environment for our staff and students to learn and grow together. Born and raised in Oakland, Cynthia has attended public schools from pre-k to college. Cynthia has been a part of EBAYC for over 10 years. She started working with EBAYC as a high school intern at Franklin Elementary during her sophomore year and then as an academic mentor at Roosevelt Middle School for 5 years and finds her current role challenging, rewarding and enjoyable at the same time.

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Angela Phung

Program Director, Manzanita Community School

As the Director of Expanded Learning at Manzanita Community School, Angela provides a safe, inclusive and engaging environment for our students to thrive and develop leadership skills. Angela has been a part of the EBAYC team since 2002, working as a high school mentor, Program Assistant and Academic Team leader prior to her current role. Angela’s motivation in youth development work stems from her own experiences when she was younger.  She credits her own mentor for encouraging and supporting her through difficult times in school and now strives to be that support system for our young people, providing them a safe place for them to be who they are, express themselves, grow and thrive. Angela is a proud parent of a kindergarten student in the Oakland Unified School District, and she is currently attending Merritt College.

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Angelica Reyes

Street Team, Case Manager

With over 14 years of experience, Angelica has served in many capacities at EBAYC, including being a Case Manager at Oakland High School, Director of After School programs at Garfield Elementary, Director of After School Programs at Roosevelt Middle School, and Director of Family Services. Angelica is dedicated to working and helping youth and families fight for justice and develop their leadership skills so they can have great educational, living and employment opportunities. She is grateful for the opportunity to work for EBAYC for so many years in the Oakland community. On her spare time, Angelica’s loves cycling up many hills. She participates yearly in the AIDS Life Cycle Ride from SF to LA, a 585-mile, seven day ride. Angelica is a graduate of UC Berkeley and holds a BA degree in Social Work and a minor’s in Chicano Studies & Ethnic Studies.

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Brenda Saechao

Deputy Director of School Partnerships
510-533-1092 ext.32

Brenda was born and raised in Oakland. She was first introduced to EBAYC in 2000 as a high school intern at Garfield Elementary. After graduating from Merritt College with a degree in Child Development, Brenda served as the Program Director for the After School Program at Franklin Elementary, Managing Director at Roosevelt Middle School and the Deputy Director for Middle Schools prior to her current role directing all of our after-school programming. Brenda is a true believer of EBAYC’s mission and is dedicated to working to inspire and create opportunities for all youth to be safe, smart, and socially responsible.

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Jana Saeteurn

General Manager
510-533-1092 ext.21

Jana has been serving with EBAYC since 2007. Her responsibilities include maintaining and managing EBAYC’s information database, as well as financial and office systems to support programmatic services. She is a proud alumni of EBAYC’s youth development program.

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Mae Saeteurn

Administrative Services Director
510-533-1092 ext.22

Mae is a proud 1992 Alumni of EBAYC’s youth development program. In her current role as the Administrative Services Director, Mae plays a vital role in supporting EBAYC’s human resources and financial systems, which are just the tip of the iceberg of what she does and loves. EBAYC is grateful to have Mae as a member of our staff with the 15+ years of quality work she has provided. Mae is fluent in Mien.

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Amy Shiu

Deputy Director of Administration
510-533-1092 ext. 23

As the Deputy Director of Administration, Amy is responsible for overseeing all financial and operational management systems of EBAYC. With over 30 years of administrative leadership, Amy has also served in similar community-based organizations such as the Association for Retarded Citizens, Parental Stress Service, and the Chinese Community Council. Amy received an AA Degree in Business and Accounting with Honors from Laney College. Amy is fluent in Cantonese.

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Lucumi Soriano

Program Director, Oakland High Wellness Center
510-874-7152 ext 228

Lucumi is a graduate of the University of Berkeley, California with a Bachelor of Arts in English Degree. Lucumi has extensive experience with youth and community development work though his prior positions as a Mulimedia Coach at the HOME project and Assistant Director at the Long Life Medical Kids Village. Lucumi is also multi-talented as a poet, writer, and hip-hop artist, and is fluent in Spanish.

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John Tran

Counselor, Oakland High School
510-533-1092 ext.40

John Tran is a graduate from CSU East Bay where he earned his bacehlor degree in Recreation and Community Service. John brings a wealth of youth development experience working with youth through his various roles at Sports4kids, Americorps, and Oakland Parks and Recs. John work specifically with system involved male youth and utilizes his strong child development experience to provide strong character development and new opportunities for his youth. John is fluent in Cantonese.

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Gianna Tran

Deputy Executive Director
510-533-1092 ext.27

Gianna’s leadership has been recognized through numerous awards such as the California Peace Prize and the San Francisco Fellowship of Eureka Communities. Gianna is actively involved in her community as she has served as a board member for the East Bay Asian Local Development, Bilingual Monitoring Committee of the Oakland Unified School District, and Banteay Srei, an organization empowering young Asian women impacted by sexual exploitation. Gianna is fluent in Vietnamese.

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Mike Vista

Program Director, Cleveland Elementary

Mike joined OASES in 2007 as the Program Director for the QUEST after-school program at Cleveland Elementary School and has moved in with EBAYC since the two organizations merged in 2012. Mike has broken new ground at Cleveland by pushing innovative ideas and curriculum while incorporating the importance of family values into the QUEST after-school program. Mike brings to OASES ten years of corporate experience in the banking industry as well as his experience in media and communications.

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Linda Vongthongkham

Youth Counselor, Sacramento

Born and raised in Sacramento, Linda is an advocate for equity and social justice. She has worked with community-based organizations that focus on youth development for over a decade and brings passion and commitment to EBAYC. As a Youth Counselor, Linda is dedicated to providing young women with an opportunity to express themselves through positive self-attributes, while teaching skills that can be applied to their lives. She graduated from Sacramento State with a BA in Psychology, and is currently attending University of San Francisco-Sacramento Campus to obtain a MA in Counseling Psychology.

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Nikita Williams

Program Director, Garfield Elementary

Nikita has been Program Coordinator for the last four years at Garfield Elementary. Prior to becoming the Program Coordinator, Nikita served as a Teaching Intern and Volunteer for three years with EBAYC. In her role as the Program Coordinator, Nikita is responsible for day-to-day program support that includes monitoring program start, snack, and end periods; monitoring facility usage and maintenance, and coordinating selected educational enrichment activities.

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 Kong Xiong

Youth Counselor, EBAYC Sacramento

As a youth counselor for EBAYC Sacramento, Kong provides direct services with a focus on mental wellness and community support. Kong grew up in the Del Paso Heights area and went to Grant Union High School, one of the schools EBAYC now serves. Kong was raised in a very traditional Hmong family and was exposed to poverty, gangs and community violence at a young age. His personal experiences growing up and not having any programs like EBAYC available fuel his passion for this work.


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