Expanding Our Commitment to Underserved Youth

Our expansion into Fresno is rooted in our organizational commitment to partnering with young people, parents and residents to identify and address the needs of youth in the community. Our focus is on building investments for youth prevention and intervention services for our highest need youth populations in Fresno.

We are currently spearheading the Fresno Children and Youth Fund, a network of children, youth, and family service providers to explore the need for greater public investments in prevention and intervention services in Fresno.  We also provide youth support services at Sunnyside High School.

EBAYC Fresno recently completed a youth needs assessment survey to over 1,700 youth from 11-25 years old in Fresno. This survey was crafted and created from feedback of youth leaders from EBAYC, Fresno Barrios Unidos, The Know Youth Media, Hmong Innovating Politics, Genders and Sexualities Alliance Network, and Jakarta Movement. The surveys were conducted and collected by our youth leaders at different school sites and in their community. The implementation of the youth survey was a leadership development tool for our youth leaders, and the results are an invaluable resource to plan our research action work for the coming year.