My EBAYC Story

Learn more about the staff, youth and community members that make EBAYC what it is.

In Memoriam: Sampson Huu

“I stand for positivity, respect and equality for myself and for others.”

My EBAYC Story: Anayeli

“I saw that staying out of the streets was actually making me stronger emotionally and mentally.”

My EBAYC Story: Jing Wen Tan

“I can see the dedication and energy that my children are putting into their work.”

My EBAYC Story: Ani

“I see the relationships I am building with the kids and it’s so rewarding.”

My EBAYC Story: Evangelina

“We can have incredible power when we work together.”

My EBAYC Story: Daisy

“I care more about my education and how it is going to affect my future.”

My EBAYC Story: Rany

“I believe that by embracing our EBAYC community we can uplift each other and help each other grow.”

My EBAYC Story: Yiksai

“Giving back to my community is why I do this work.”

In Memoriam: Tyree Washington

“Whatever obstacles you go through, stay focused on what you need to do.”

In Memoriam: Calvin Fong

EBAYC Founder

In Memoriam: Bob Kaneko

EBAYC Founder