Our Team

Expanded Learning Program Director Oakland High Wellness Center geraldine@ebayc.org
Managing Director Oakland High Wellness Center rany@ebayc.org
Nikole Basquine
Counselor Roosevelt Middle School
Program Director Dewey Academy juan@ebayc.org
Deputy Director of Strategic Development nhi@ebayc.org
Program Director Lincoln Elementary School lily@ebayc.org
Program Director Garfield Elementary School mauricio@ebayc.org
Family Advocate Garfield Elementary rosioebayc@gmail.com
Special Projects Director annamarisela@ebayc.org
Dennis Deudor
Street Team Counselor dennis@ebayc.org
Dulce Fajardo
Family Advocate Bella Vista Elementary dulce@ebayc.org
Youth Counselor Shop 55 Wellness Center erik@ebayc.org
Program Director Frick Impact Academy alejandra@ebayc.org
Family Advocate Manzanita Community School bernice@ebayc.org
Naza'reth Johnson
Family Advocate naz@ebayc.org
Program Coordinator Oakland High Wellness Center pearn@ebayc.org
Director of Data & Evaluation quyen@ebayc.org
Program Director Edna Brewer Middle School jimmy@ebayc.org
Xai Lee
Fresno Director xai@ebayc.org
Counselor Street Team randell@ebayc.org
Street Team Case Manager chanda@ebayc.org
Deja McMorris
Family Advocate deja@ebayc.org
Program Director Urban Promise Academy freddy@ebayc.org
Development Manager darling@ebayc.org
Les Morones
Family Advocate les@ebayc.org
Communications Director suman@ebayc.org
Program Director Manzanita SEED Elementary School marcel@ebayc.org
Program Director Roosevelt Middle School cynthia@ebayc.org
Program Director Manzanita Community School angela@ebayc.org
Street Team Case Manager angelica@ebayc.org
Deputy Director of School Partnerships brenda@ebayc.org
Program Director Westlake Middle School lai@ebayc.org
Administrative Services Director mae@ebayc.org
Program Director Oakland High Wellness Center luke@ebayc.org
Program Director Bella Vista Elementary School athomas@ebayc.org
Deputy Executive Director gianna@ebayc.org
Youth Counselor Shop 55 Wellness Center john@ebayc.org
Youth Counselor Sacramento xiong@ebayc.org
Program Director Cleveland Elementary School mike@ebayc.org
Community School Manager Garfield Elementary School nikita@ebayc.org
Youth Counselor Sacramento kong@ebayc.org
Sacramento Director leesai@ebayc.org
Program Director Franklin Elementary School vyu@ebayc.org


Our Board of Directors is comprised of parents, students, OASES mentors and community members to ensure that the work of our organization is fully responsible to the community that it serves.

Allison Chau – OASES Representative
Dana Eng – At-large Board Member
Calvion Evans – Student Representative
Jimmy Finney – OASES Representative
Amanda Huynh – -Student Representative
Alvin Lau – Parent Representative
Paul Lau – Parent Representative
Steve Lee – At-large Board Member (Co-Chair)
Victor Masaya – At-large Board Member (Vice-Chair of Finance)
Khai Nguyen – At-large Board Member
Huong Nguyen – At-large Board Member (Co-Chair)
Dinh Nguyen – Neighborhood Representative
Dung Pham – Neighborhood Representative
Teresa Ramirez – Parent Representative
Sandra Saavedra – Parent Representative
Carter Saechao – Student Representative
Paige Saeparn – Student Representative
Emily Wu – At-large Board Member


Advisory Council

Mary Buckley – Intuit
Matt Ching – City National Bank
Linh Ha – BenQ
Francis Lan – Allstate
Bernice Lui -Clorox Company