EBAYC has long been a part of Anayeli Vega’s life. Street Team Case Manager Angelica Reyes-Sosa first got to know Anayeli’s family when she was a Program Director at Garfield Elementary School and Anayeli was a participant in the EBAYC after-school program. Anayeli then attended a middle school and high school that didn’t receive EBAYC services, but their paths crossed again years later when Angelica was in her new role with Street Team. The two ran into each other by chance at court when Anayeli was on probation for truancy. Angelica was able to get Anayeli added to her case load and the two built on their foundation of trust to set goals and help Anayeli reach her potential.

“The more I worked with Angelica and EBAYC, I saw that staying out of the streets was keeping me out of trouble and actually making me stronger emotionally and mentally,” reflected Anayeli. “Throughout everything, EBAYC is a place of safety for me.”

Anayeli started attending school again regularly, and is now the first in her family to graduate high school, was recognized as a member of the OUSD Latino Honor Roll. Attending college and a career as a detective are in her future plans. In addition to her personal victories, Anayeli is using her voice to advocate for change in her community, and was honored by Congresswoman Barbara Lee for speaking out against gun violence. “Anayeli is a warrior,” said Angelica. “She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and it’s a joy to see the talent and leadership skills she has always had bloom.”